IV Vitamin Infusions

IV Vitamin Infusions Peterborough

IV Therapy and Vitamin Infusions for beauty, energy, weight loss, hangovers and wellness. IV therapy is the perfect way to revitalise your overall well-being, re-hydrate and restore your body. IV Vitamin Therapy can help you lose weight, burn fat and recharge with an energy boost and detox of your body. It can also help strengthen your immune system to fight cold & flu symptoms, or simply help cure a hangover.

Inner Vitality (Mood support) £249

This is the ultimate IV infusion to relieve stress from excessive demands on the body. A safe blend of the best ingredients we offer for healthy body, skin and mind. This vitamin contains a perfect blend to boost your body inside and out and ensures you are hydrated to keep your body glowing and pristine.

Beauty Tonic (Hair and Skin support) £249

Provides all essential minerals, vitamins & antioxidants used to stimulate, skin hair and nails.

Immune Boost Infusion £299

Boost your immune system with nutrients to help fight infections and start feeling better sooner! This IV is specially formulated to help give your body vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help your cells combat a virus / bacterial infection.

Performance Boost (Physical and mental health) £299

The Fat Burning IV Therapy contains various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which will help you shed excess weight while keeping your body healthy.

Diet & Detox (Detox and Fat Burning) £299

The Diet & Detox IV Infusion supports a healthy immune system. Contains natural detoxifiers reducing toxins in your body whilst aiding in the prevention of muscle damage, improving bone strength and brain function, boosting energy levels and speeding up metabolism.

Skin Lightening (Glutathione) IV £250 Per Treatment

£675 Course of 3

£1000 Course of 5

For a brighter overall complexion.
Most of us want, radiant, glowing, luminous skin and Skin Brightening IV Drip helps replace the damaged cells in your body, which can be very beneficial to the appearance of your skin.
It potentially reduces dark spots from scarring, acne and even freckles.
Helps the body rid itself of toxins.
Capable of improving the pigmentation of sun-damaged skin.

Vitamin Shots Peterborough

Ideal for: An Immune Boost, Anti-Aging, Fat Burner Kickstart, Hydration and many more.
Receive an instant boost to how you feel and look with shots and iv infusions from Thai Aesthetics. Anyone and everyone can benefit from these treatments.

Vitamin B12 £45

Vitamin B Complex £65

Biotin £45

Skin Lightening £95

Vitamin D £65

Vitamin C £65

Slim Shots £65


"Fantastic and professional service. Thai was friendly, knowledgable, and ensured thorough hygiene was practised. She really helped to keep me at ease throughout my visit and treatment. I would definitely recommend!" Jawline Slimming



"The atmosphere is absolutely amazing, so welcoming and she really makes you feel comfortable."



"I'm so glad to get my brows done by Thai! Very sweet lady and pays attention to details, I'm super happy!" Microblading



"I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the service was excellent" 3 Areas Anti Wrinkle Injections



"Extremely pleased with the treatment!"  Marionette lines and Nasolabial folds

Marquita S


"Really professional and good service, I love the results!!! thank you so much"



"Such attention to detail. I love them!"  Lip Augmentation

Elizabeth E

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